WHO is behind Berlin is ____________?

Berlin is ___________ is part of Urban Perspectives, a research platform that focuses its work on reading and telling the city. Its members, architects, urbanist and over all urban-explorers have been working since 2010 in finding tools and strategies to read and tell the built environment. Their work has been developed mostly through practical research, through field work, taking part in think-tanks, organizing workshops and other activities or designing maps and guides of different cities.
Berlin is ___________ focuses its work on facilitating Berlin newcomers and short-time-visitors the understanding of the city in all its complexity. What Berlin is ___________ offers is not a finished static product, its tools are a work-in-progress that are redesigned with every client. 


WHY Berlin is ___________?


  • The amount of visitors coming to Berlin is growing fast and a division between the "tourist city" and the "non-tourist city" is emerging. A more responsible tourism is necessary to stop it.
  • Practical (standardised) information is available from guide books, the Tourist Information Office, your hotel concierge or the internet, but none of them provides you with a personalised and global understanding of the city.
  • Details such as what you eat and where you sleep in Berlin will completely change your perception of the city.
  • Berlin evolves constantly, places change permanently. Printed information is static and soon out-of-date, digital information is overwhelming. Berlin is ___________ filters this information for you.
  • There are many companies offering guided tours, we will be happy to help you choose the right one for you, but we will also give you advice on how to make the best of your time in Berlin on your own.


FOR WHOM is Berlin is ____________ ? 

For anybody visiting Berlin: single travelers, couples, families or groups of friends.
We also work with bigger groups and institutions. Please contact us for more information.